Tamir Rice.png


As a mixed woman, I reap the benefits of whiteness because of how pale my skin is. As a mixed boy, my little brother whom is darker than me, does not. At eight years old, he is loving, intelligent, kind, and selfless. I would do anything for him and I can only hope he lives a long, happy life.

Tamir Rice was a twelve year old boy who's life was cut short by a police officer. This past October, Tyre King was only thirteen when his life was ended in the same way. Trayvon Martin, seventeen, was murdered with hood up, fruit juice and skittles in hand, by a man named George Zimmerman. I can go on for days, unfortunately, but there is something all of these boys have in common - they are black.

I have a rational fear for the life of my little brother, due to the color of his skin.

Through oil paint and against a stark black background, I seek to make my audience feel uncomfortable with the portraits of unarmed black men, women, and children, whom have been killed at the hands of police brutality. To stare at the faces of victims and memorialize the happy moments these people have left us with, I hope I can forever sear their faces into my audience's mind and let them never forget what this country has done to them. With my paintings, I want to anger and inspire those who view them, to encourage people to go out and make a difference - because black lives matter.